Sparking literacy success in Tennessee

Meet Kaleb.

Not that long ago, he couldn’t read. And now he’s a confident, engaged reader who wants to write his own stories.

What changed? Mr. Price, a caring educator, connected with Kaleb and joined him on his literacy journey.

Like Mr. Price, you’re changing lives and creating new futures for kids every single day—and we’re here to help you do that.

“If a student is not proficient in reading by the end of third grade, it is highly unlikely that they will become a proficient reader. Impacting students at a much younger age, in earlier grades is where we see [the greatest] success.”

Director, Project On Track

Providing structured practice, support, and guidance that makes a difference

When students struggle with reading, their relationships with their teachers become more important than ever—and so does the support, instruction, and guidance you give them.

How can you take your students from not knowing the alphabet to decoding dozens of words in one school year? Research-backed intervention, remediation, and practice can certainly help. And so can Amplify.

“He’s able to read, and that’s something that sometimes we take for granted, but we have high illiteracy rates. He’s not going to be one of those [students]; he’s going to be a success story.”

Assistant Principal

Change lives forever with the Science of Reading

In making the shift to the Science of Reading, you can give every teacher and student what they need, and guarantee reading and literacy success. 

Think of how that would transform your school and district—and most importantly, your students’ lives.


Support every student with the only full Science of Reading-based literacy system

The Science of Reading tells us that learning to read is not a natural or automatic process. You see this every day—with students like Kaleb. Students with dyslexia. Students who haven’t gotten the explicit instruction, support, and guidance needed to experience real literacy success and joy.

To be powerful and effective, and to help all students achieve success, a literacy system needs to bring together assessment, curriculum, intervention, and personalized learning. And Amplify has done exactly that with the only full Science of Reading suite, made up of Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts, mCLASS®, and Boost Reading (formerly known as Amplify Reading).

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