Unlocking the
power of literacy in
North Carolina

Mia is just one of many students at Salemburg Elementary in Sampson County, NC, who found a passion for reading in the classroom.

What was the key? Ms. Denning, an attentive educator, bonded with Mia and helped accelerate her literacy journey using the Amplify early literacy suite.

Like Ms. Denning, you’re shaping young minds and setting them up for success in elementary school and beyond—and we’re here to help you do that!


Illustration of a dna-like structure depicting the progression from phonemic awareness to strategic language processing in reading skills.

“Giving a child the ability to read and helping them to start that journey and to be successful as a reader unlocks so much magic and unlocks an entire world of possibilities for them.”

Jenny Denning, Grade 2 Teacher, Salemburg Elementary School
Sampson County, North Carolina

Open up your students' worlds with knowledge-building

Not every student comes into the classroom with the same foundation for learning, but they all deserve the opportunity to engage in instruction at similar levels of understanding. Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) doesn’t rely on activating prior knowledge—instead, it builds a breadth of knowledge and vocabulary systematically across coherent topics that connect and grow as students progress.

Invest in every student with a Science of Reading system that gets results

Strong core instruction grounded in the Science of Reading is crucial, but that’s not enough. To be powerful and effective, a literacy system needs to bring together assessment, curriculum, intervention, personalized learning, and professional development. And Amplify has done exactly that with our early literacy suite.

An educational diagram highlighting the mclass assessment process, showing arrows between amplify ckla science of reading curriculum, student-driven reading, mclass tier 2 intervention, and endpoint assessment.

Science of Reading, the Amplify way

To empower teachers with the best curriculum and instruction, Amplify offers a complete suite of core curriculum, assessment, and intervention all built on results-driven Science of Reading.

Amplify CKLA sequences deep content knowledge with research-based foundational skills to help students in grades PreK–5 build strong literacy foundations.

mCLASS® is the gold-standard assessment and intervention suite for grades K–6 that helps every child learn to read confidently.

Boost Reading provides K–5 students with engaging personalized learning to help students review and reinforce what they’ve learned.

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