mCLASS Intervention (formerly Burst)

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A teacher using a laptop and working with three students

mCLASS Intervention

How mCLASS Intervention works

Generate small groups and target intervention for each group in just a click, with a high-tech, human-touch solution that provides engaging instructional content and activities to bring the lessons to life. With mClass Intervention you can:

  • Quickly analyze assessment and progress-monitoring data.
  • Create and customize skills-based intervention groups.
  • Download short bursts of instruction for each group.
  • Adapt lessons to the skill, pace, and style needed for each student.

mCLASS Intervention Product Page

mCLASS Intervention Resources

Modules to watch given your role with mCLASS Intervention


If your school used Burst in the past and/or you are interested in mCLASS Intervention, submit a request HERE.


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