Beyond “make it fun”: Four principles of true engagement in middle school ELA

Middle school is a time when students are deeply and constantly engaged…in their own emotions, relationships, and Finstas. Problem is, it’s also a time when engagement in academics is critical to future success in school and beyond. In fact, at least half of eventual dropouts show clear warning signs as early as sixth grade.


Teachers are well aware of these stakes—and of the challenge of competing with immense internal and external distractions, especially when it comes to keeping students engaged in academically challenging content.

So are we. Research confirms that getting middle schoolers on the path to college and career readiness requires a truly engaging curriculum—and ELA curriculum is no exception. That’s why we designed our middle school ELA curriculum around the unique needs of middle schoolers. That’s also why we created four actionable principles of middle school student ELA engagement.They will help you in supporting students to meet key developmental needs and become confident, active learners. In other words, when it comes to ELA, these principles won’t just help your students “get through” middle school. They’ll help you get through to your middle schoolers.


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