Paper planes and various objects bursting energetically from an open book on an orange background.

High-quality instructional materials in action

What are high-quality instructional materials, and why do they matter? We’ve assembled resources for you to explore how to support your district or school in adopting a high-quality program.

Why high-quality instructional materials?


A growing body of research shows that, in addition to the influence of teachers, curriculum has a significant effect on student learning. Quality curriculum is also a great tool for teachers: It saves them time and enables them to focus on interacting with their students. See what the research says about high-quality instructional materials, or HQIM.


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A teacher in a red shirt and glasses reading a book to a young girl in a classroom, with High Quality Instructional Materials on the wall behind them.
Two students engage in a science experiment in a classroom using high quality instructional materials, one holding a beaker above a petri dish as the other observes intently.

Five fundamentals of HQIM in action


Beyond all-green ratings from reviewers at or a Tier 1 designation from the Louisiana Department of Education, what does high-quality curriculum look like in real classrooms? How does it come to life for teachers and students? Here are five fundamentals of how we think about it at Amplify.


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DECIDE: 6 tips for a successful curriculum adoption


Curriculum adoption is a complex process. You’ve got to evaluate multiple programs and build consensus among diverse stakeholders—all while managing communication, scheduling, and people. Our new actionable guide with strategies from the field will help you keep your curriculum adoption process as smooth as possible.


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Two women in an office setting, smiling and working together with High Quality Instructional Materials, one using a laptop and the other writing in a notebook.

What do high-quality materials look like in action?


Every educator has a story about curriculum coming to life. We have stories, too, driven by our belief that all students deserve excellent curriculum. Check out our video and see what high-quality instructional materials mean to Amplify educators and staff.

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See what the evaluators at EdReports have to say about Amplify’s high-quality curriculum.


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Two students in school uniforms writing in notebooks at their desks in an Amplify education classroom, with other classmates in the background.
A woman in a blue shirt and glasses smiles while observing a young girl in a red headscarf playing with colorful blocks at a classroom table with High Quality Instructional Materials.

District leaders as science champions


The need to support science teaching and learning is more urgent than ever. Establishing science’s importance alongside ELA and mathematics will require leaders who champion it at the district leadership level. This guide will support you in leading these shifts, including evaluating and selecting high-quality instructional materials and creating the conditions for implementation success.


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