Desmos Math 6–A1 is available now for Texas classrooms!

Brought to you by the team behind Desmos Classroom activities, Desmos Math 6–A1 is available for grades 6–8 now, with Algebra 1 units rolling out over the course of the 2022–2023 school year.

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Two students with backpacks discussing a map in a styled outdoor landscape, with a note saying

What's Desmos Math

Laptop screen displaying an illustrative mathematics pattern on a grid in a graphics editing software interface, with annotations and tool icons visible.

Available in English and Spanish!

TEKS-aligned lessons that help students express their brilliance every day


Every student is brilliant, but not every student feels brilliant in math class. We designed our program to put students’ ideas at its center. Our lessons pose problems that invite a variety of approaches, and our technology helps teachers celebrate and develop all of that interesting thinking in their classrooms.

A blend of paper and technology meets the needs of Texas classrooms

Leveraging our expertise in technology, pedagogy, and design, we based Desmos Math 6–A1 on the top-rated programs from Illustrative Mathematics® and Open Up Resources to create dynamic and interactive digital learning experiences, offered alongside flexible and creative print activities.

Tablet displaying a colorful sketch of a beach with waves and shells, next to illustrative mathematics worksheets and a pen, on an educational website.
Computer screen displaying a colorful educational program for teaching operations with polynomials, featuring various interactive modules and Illustrative Mathematics exercises.

Powerful facilitation tools for teachers

Our student-centered lessons empower students to explore new ideas, and our teacher dashboard helps teachers bridge those ideas together. Whether teachers are observing student learning on our lesson summary page or guiding productive discussions with our conversation toolkit, our facilitation tools make teaching more effective and more fun.

Built-in resources support Texas teachers and students

Desmos Math 6–A1 provides powerful resources teachers need to prepare their students for STAAR and beyond. Better yet, students are provided with an opportunity to practice with the same tools they’ll use on the STAAR exam!

Illustration showing
Screenshot of an educational webpage section titled

TEKS objectives are identified for each lesson at point of use

Both ‘Addressing’ and ‘Building Towards’ TEKS are identified making it easy for teachers to see exactly what students are learning and what is ahead.

What are people saying?

“I have been a teacher for 23 years and this is the most engaged I have seen students in a mathematics classroom.”

Rebecca Moore Math Coach, Naugatuck, CT

What are people saying?

“If you're teaching math and not utilizing Desmos, you may as well be climbing a mountain with your hands tied behind your back.”

Mike Del Greco Math Teacher, Sudbury, MA

What are people saying?

“Every lesson that I preview, I fall in love a little more ❤ thank you for this work and thank you for reflecting and listening to the feedback!”

Jenny Ainslie Secondary Math Facilitator, Orange County, NC

Try a warm-up activity from Desmos Math 6-A1

Students’ ideas are the engine of our lessons. Their sketches power simulations and their mathematical thinking powers classroom conversations. In this lesson about functions, teachers help students make connections between scenarios and the graphs that represent them. Interact with a warm-up activity below!


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What are the results?

We surveyed 70 teachers and 1,500 students who piloted our program, asking them to compare it to their prior program. Here’s what they shared with us…

Map of the USA with marked locations across all states, illustrated in a clear vector style with blue pins and a multicolored background inspired by illustrative mathematics.


Students learn more math

We design student-centered lessons that promote mathematical curiosity and student engagement, building on the coherence and rigor of the Illustrative Mathematics program. Each unit includes student notes, skill practices, and rich assessments to help students show what they know and can do.


The result: Students and teachers in the pilot both said that students learned more with Desmos Math 6–A1 than with their prior program.

Students enjoy math more

We help students experience the need for new mathematical ideas, and our interactive feedback shows them the value of their own thinking.

The result: Teachers in the pilot said their students were more engaged using Desmos Math 6–A1 than in their prior program, and students reported enjoying math class more.


Teachers enjoy teaching more

We pair your entire teaching team with a dedicated coach who will support your team’s onboarding and instruction throughout the year. Additionally, we offer just-in-time lesson preview emails, unit overview webinars, and other supports to help your team succeed.


The result: Teachers in the pilot felt better supported with Desmos Math 6–A1 than with their prior program.


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