Our DEIA statement

Our commitment

Our goal is to make education, and thereby the world, more equitable and accessible.

We create education products that celebrate difference in life and thought as well as ideals we hold in common.

We help teachers craft rigorous learning experiences that reflect the diverse histories, cultures, and identities their students bring to the classroom.

We also help teachers support their students in constructing, questioning, expanding, and strengthening knowledge of where they come from and who they are becoming.

To do this, we hire and develop people with the broadest range of talents, life stories and experiences, and together we build a diverse and inclusive culture.

Collage of diverse professional headshots, educational books with children's illustrations, and a photo of a woman teaching a child, centered around a

Our partners

We’re proud to partner with minority and women owned business enterprises across the country. Following are a few business partners we’d like to highlight.