Exciting updates are coming for Amplify Math!

Throughout the 2022-2023 school year and beyond, we will be releasing new and exciting features that save you time, extend your reach, and support you with delivering grade-level math to all students.

Amplify Math + Desmos Classroom (coming soon!)

By combining Amplify Math based on Illustrative Mathematics’ IM K–12 Math™ with the Desmos Math Curriculum, we are bringing the very best in print and digital lessons to teachers across the country.

The Desmos grades 6–Algebra 1 curriculum, as well as teacher.desmos.com, are now a part of Amplify. Our teams are currently hard at work creating Amplify Math + Desmos Classroom, the most engaging IM K–12 Math™ program available.

The grades 6–Algebra 1 courses will begin to be available for review and piloting soon. In the meantime, check out our FAQs about Amplify Math + Desmos Classroom and keep an eye on this space for frequent updates.

Power-ups (Releasing throughout winter-spring 2022)

Power-ups are differentiated warm-ups that accelerate students into grade-level content, quickly. Based on student performance on the previous lesson’s formative assessment question, Amplify Math provides insight into which students need a little extra support for the day’s lesson. Teachers can choose to push out the two types of warm-ups, providing students with five minutes of targeted support, before coming together again to work on grade-level tasks.  Not teaching online? They’re available in the Teacher Edition, too.

Currently, Power-ups are available in Unit 1 and all Volume 2 lessons. Volume 1 will be available by July 1, 2023.

Want a sneak peek of Power-ups? Check out this sneak peek.

Recent updates

Pacing and pausing

The pacing feature within Amplify Math’s digital platform allows teachers to choose which slides students see and when. Teachers can set the lesson pace, remove/add slides from the student view, and pause the lesson presentation.


Assessments and reporting

Amplify Math offers a comprehensive suite of assessments, accessible in print and digital formats, for multiple opportunities to monitor and evaluate student learning and progress. When students take assessments on the Amplify digital platform, you can run reports at the student, standard, assignment, school, and district levels.

New enhancements to the digital assessment platform include the Interim Assessment and Standards Report.

  • Interim Assessment: Aligned to Amplify Math’s scope and sequence, these assessments provide teachers with meaningful data about their students’ progress toward mastery and/or proficiency with grade-level content.
  • Standards Report: Teachers can run reports on student- and class-level performance at the standard. Learn more about Standards Reports here.


Scientific calculator

A scientific calculator is student-accessible in all lessons. Powered by Desmos, and moveable around the screen, this digital support allows students to stay focused on their Amplify Math lesson as opposed to navigating away from the platform.