Hello Colorado teachers and leaders!

We’re excited to continue to support Early Literacy Assessment Tool (ELAT) schools in Colorado!

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Schools that participate in ELAT will receive the following mCLASS® tools and supports:

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Important information

  • mCLASS is launching several new and exciting features for educators in July to save educators time, extend their reach, and support their efforts to provide students with engaging instruction and intervention support to help develop early literacy skills. Check out the updates!
  • Each participating District will receive DIBELS 8th Edition Assessment kits. One kit per grade, K-3 will be shipped. Materials can also be downloaded for free. Click the mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition materials section below for directions on downloading materials.

  • Enrollment

  • Benchmark Windows

  • mCLASS DIBELS 8th Edition materials

Progress planning tools

Amplify Progress Planning Tool for mCLASS:DIBELS 8th Edition

This tool utilizes data from mCLASS users across the nation to provide schools and districts with a meaningful comparative perspective for their progress during the school year.

DIBELS 8th Edition Assessment kits

Each LEA participating will receive DIBELS 8th Edition Assessment kits. One kit per grade, K-3 will be shipped. Materials can also be downloaded for free, here. If you’d like to purchase additional kits, please email Monty Lammers.

For any additional questions please reach out to Carolyn Mulloy.

Amplify Tutoring in Colorado

Learn about how Amplify Tutoring meets the Colorado Department of Education (CDE) High-Impact Tutoring Program (HITP) Grant requirements.

To help schools and districts take advantage of CO HITP Grant funds, Amplify is hosting a series of informational sessions designed to provide an overview of Amplify Tutoring.

Go to Amplify Colorado Tutoring site

Additional Resources

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