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Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts® (CKLA) is a comprehensive early literacy curriculum, grounded in the Science of Reading. With Amplify CKLA, you’ll have the instruction and guidance of proven, evidence-based practices to help all of your students become strong readers, writers, and thinkers.

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Illustration of diverse children and animated creatures, with a large friendly robot, engaged in playful activities in a vibrant, imaginative setting.

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Digital samples for Grades K–5 are included here, along with other helpful materials for completing your review.
Watch the program overview video, in which Susan Lambert host of Science of Reading: The Podcast, provides an overview of the unique structure and components of Amplify CKLA for Grades K–5.

The Amplify CKLA Program Guide provides you with an in-depth view of how Amplify CKLA works, how it’s structured, and why it’s uniquely capable of helping you bring reading instruction based on the Science of Reading to your classroom.

For an even more in-depth look at Amplify CKLA, review the following materials:

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K–5 Materials

Grades K–2: Dedicated knowledge building and explicit skills instruction
Every day, students in Grades K–2 complete one full lesson that builds foundational reading skills in the Skills Strand, as well as one full lesson that builds background knowledge in the Knowledge Strand. Through learning in each of these strands, students develop the early literacy skills necessary to help them become confident readers and build the context to understand what they’re reading.

Grades 3–5: Integrated instruction
In Grades 3–5, Knowledge and Skills are integrated in one set of instructional materials. Lessons begin to combine skills and knowledge with increasingly complex texts, close reading, and a greater writing emphasis. Students can then use their skills to go on their own independent reading adventures.

Diagram depicting the components of reading comprehension as steps leading up to skilled reading, arranged in a staircase model with color-coded lines.
Illustration montage featuring scenes of learning: a cartoon character with books, two people shoveling snow under the stars, and an astronaut on a lunar landscape, with educational interfaces.

Amplify CKLA is more engaging than ever!

Fascinating subjects and cool tools captivate students. An intentional approach to background knowledge invites students to dig deeper, inspiring curiosity and driving results. With a cutting-edge digital experience, beautiful and newly-designed decodable Readers, and fascinating extended learning units that take students all over the world, Amplify CKLA is more engaging than ever before for both teacher and student!

The Amplify Digital Experience

With the new Amplify CKLA digital experience, it’s never been easier to deliver engaging lesson presentations. Your students will love features that allow them to interact with their reading instruction like never before, and you will love the tools that help you keep their attention!

These ready-made, customizable, slides-based lesson presentations enhance instruction and save you time. With the Amplify CKLA digital experience, you’ll have everything you need in one place to plan and present high-quality, engaging early literacy instruction.

Illustration of diverse people engaged in different activities: a black woman listening to music, two astronauts in space, and a man reading a book by a plant.

Authentic texts and extending learning

As part of our commitment to creating even richer and more diverse curricula, we now offer newly redesigned decodable Readers and six new supplemental learning units. Stories with human characters now have improved inclusivity and authenticity, and other stories feature fantastical creatures to bring excitement and whimsy to the tales. Supplemental Knowledge Research Units extend learning for Grades K–5, incorporating Amplify CKLA’s powerful and evidence-based instructional approach while also adding more diversity, authentic literature and flexibility. The authentic trade books in each of these units will inspire your students’ curiosity and grow their capacity for research and inquiry.

Introducing Amplify Caminos!

Amplify Caminos is an authentic elementary Spanish language arts program. Like its English language partner, Amplify CKLA, Amplify Caminos provides explicit, systematic foundational skills instruction sequenced with deep knowledge-building content to foster comprehension. When used with Amplify CKLA, Amplify Caminos provides full parity across English and Spanish that’s suitable for any dual language implementation model.

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