Welcome, mCLASS families!

We’re excited to welcome you and your child to the mCLASS® Caregiver Hub for the new school year. We’ve assembled the following resources and guides to help you support your child and enable them to have the most productive experience with our platform throughout the year. Para la versión en español, haga clic aquí.

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What is mCLASS?

An assessment and instruction system that helps measure your child’s literacy and math development, mCLASS highlights what reading and math skills your child already knows and shares where they may need additional support.

The program also provides teachers with instructional reading activities for each student based on their assessment score, enabling educators to deliver targeted guidance on specific skills students may need support with.

Getting started

Ways to support your child

Home Connect

The mCLASS Home Connect® website houses literacy resources for parents and caregivers, including at-home lessons organized by skill to support students. Our mCLASS caregiver letters in English and Spanish ensure that families know how to best support their child.

Caregiver-assisted math activities

For at-home learning, mCLASS offers a number of activities families can use to support the student(s) in their care, including caregiver-assisted math activities to help reinforce and practice skills at home.

We recommend reviewing this “Protecting Kids Online” article by the Federal Trade Commission addressing digital safety.

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For additional curriculum support, contact your student’s teacher.