Brain Builders video series

Brain Builders is an animated video series you can share with your students to help them understand what the brain does in order to read–the first time the Science of Reading has been placed in the hands of students.  Join Minh on his journey as his babysitter, Tamara, helps him cultivate a love for reading and understanding the Science of Reading. Series includes 13 episodes you don’t want to miss!

Girl shares her love for reading with a boy.

Episode 1

Reading: Why Though?

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Boy is introduced to the importance of written language.

Episode 2

How to Travel Through Time

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Episode 3

Spelling: Weird? Or not weird?

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Boy learns the importance of understanding words and what they mean in sentences.

Episode 4

The Origin of my Reading Brain

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Boy learns that words have patterns that can give clues to define an unknown word.

Episode 5

Why Some Words Look Weird

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Episode 6

Speed: Is There a Need?

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Boy is introduced to sight words.

Episode 7

Every Word Wants to be a Sight Word When it Grows Up

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Boy and girl read together at book club.

Episode 8

Fluency, and What Stuff Means

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Boy learns that he can learn new words by reading books.

Episode 9

How to Learn More Words!

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Episode 10

How to Be at Home in New Worlds!

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Boy learns the importance of understanding what you read.

Episode 11

Reading is Thinking

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Boy reflects on his journey as a reader and what he has learned about the Science of Reading.

Episode 12

Reading: Here’s Why!

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Girl gives a presentation.

Episode 13


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Ways to use Brain Builders


  • Start the week by playing one for your whole class!
  • Binge them as a reward one Friday afternoon!
  • Share this link to parents and caregivers!

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