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Get all students talking and thinking together about grade-level math.

Amplify Math is designed around the idea that a core math curriculum needs to serve 100 percent of students in accessing grade-level math every day. To that end, the program delivers: 

  • Engaging, discourse-rich math lessons that are easier to teach.
  • Flexible, social problem-solving experiences both online and off.
  • Real-time insights, data, and reporting that inform instruction.
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Flexible social problem-solving experiences

Digital lessons should be powerful in their ability to surface student thinking and spark interesting and productive discussions. We’ve partnered with Desmos to bring this vision to life with our complete library of Amps—social, collaborative lessons powered by Desmos technology.

Intuitive and engaging student experience

The student experience is intuitive and engaging because the content and the tools are interesting and exciting. Students work together and interact with the mathematics in real time to quickly see that reasoning and revising are important parts of math class. 

Powerful teaching and monitoring tools

Imagine knowing where your students are, what they think, what they might not get yet, and what needs to happen next. This is all possible with Amplify Math.

Automatic, just-in-time supports

Our Power-ups provide just-in-time support at the point of use before activities for your students. Power-ups ensure we are giving all students—even the ones who might be three years behind in math, but only 15 minutes behind the day’s lesson—the chance to experience success in math. Not teaching online? They’re available in the Teacher Edition, too.

Engaging lessons that are more teachable

Amplify Math makes productive discourse easier to facilitate and more accessible for students. The program provides teachers with easy-to-follow instructional supports that make implementing a problem-based program more effective and enjoyable for both you and your students.

Math in the program is social and collaborative. Our digital experience is fun and dynamic, with plenty of opportunities for students to talk through their reasoning, work with their peers, and gain new understandings.

Curious to learn more about what a social, collaborative classroom looks like?

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