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Welcome to Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA), a comprehensive reading and language arts curriculum for Grades K–5 built on today’s rigorous standards. Amplify CKLA delivers superior results through a uniquely research-based approach, combining explicit foundational skills instruction with meaningful content knowledge in science, history, literature, and the arts.

By focusing deeply on building students’ knowledge base, Amplify CKLA levels the playing field for every child.

Amplify CKLA was developed by the Core Knowledge Foundation and Amplify.

An illustration from Amplify CKLA's The War of 1812

Grades K–2 introduction

In grades K–2, Amplify CKLA is segmented into two distinct strands: Knowledge and Skills.

Skills Strand: Skills Strand lessons build a strong foundation for students through daily instruction in phonemic awareness, spelling patterns, decoding with engaging, decodable texts, writing mechanics, and writing structure and processes.

Knowledge Strand: It is vital to build students’ knowledge and vocabulary while they are still in the process of learning to read. In doing so, you better ensure their long-term success. CKLA’s Knowledge Strand is based on that very principle.

Grades K–2 student materials

Student Reader
Unlike other decodable texts, CKLA’s Readers feature engaging plots and characters, making the process of learning to read rewarding. Student Readers are provided for each unit in the program beginning in Kindergarten Unit 6.

Grades 3–5 introduction

In grades 3–5, the Skills and Knowledge strands are integrated. As part of the curriculum’s research-based design, students in grades 3–5 spend several weeks immersed in sequenced domains in science, history, and literature, deepening both critical literacy skills and background knowledge.

Grades 3–5 student materials

Student Reader
Rich in knowledge and diverse in content, Student Readers are the foundation of each unit as students dive into increasingly complex text and sharpen their analytical skills. From geology to the Middle Ages, students engage with a truly diverse range of topics.

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