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Confirmed: Knowledge matters.

Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts® (CKLA) is one of only a few high-quality, knowledge-building literacy curricula recognized by the Knowledge Matters campaign. Our shared message: Background knowledge is essential to literacy and learning.

High-quality curriculum recognized

The rigorous evaluators at EdReports have affirmed the quality of both Amplify CKLA’s full curriculum, and its Skills strand. Now, Amplify CKLA has been recognized by the Knowledge Matters Campaign as a literacy program that excels in building knowledge.


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Knowledge fuels comprehension

Seeing a student learn to read? Magic. Knowing how they learn to read? Science.

The Science of Reading reveals knowledge as an essential pillar of reading comprehension, and even lifelong literacy. That’s why leading scientists say knowledge-building must be incorporated into reading instruction from the beginning—and with Amplify CKLA, it is.


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The more you know, the faster you learn

That’s the message of the Knowledge Matters Campaign, and it’s the foundation of Amplify CKLA. The content-rich literacy curriculum systematically braids knowledge-building with skills instruction, creating a program that enables all students to build reading comprehension and confidence alike.


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