Welcome, Amplify ELA families!

Amplify welcomes you and your learner to the ELA program for the new school year. We are very excited to provide you with exceptional learning opportunities through ELA. Below are resources and helpful guides for enabling your student to have the most productive experience with our platform throughout the year.

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What is Amplify ELA?

Amplify ELA helps kids in grades 6–8 read and understand complex texts that encourage them to grapple with interesting ideas and find relevance for themselves. Amplify ELA is a “blended” program that includes both digital and print materials, as well as a print-only version. Students using Amplify ELA read text passages closely, interpret what they find, discuss their thinking with peers, and develop their ideas in writing. The lesson structure is easy to follow, but flexible enough to allow for a variety of learning experiences and varied enough to keep students engaged. 

Features include:

  • Functionality that allows individual students to work at their own level while also being challenged appropriately.
  • Built-in tools allowing teachers to track and respond to student work.
  • The digital Amplify Library, containing more than 700 downloadable full-length fiction and non-fiction books.
  • The Vocab App that uses game-like activities to help students master key words from the program’s texts. (Students using print materials will see key words highlighted).
  • Independent writing assignments called Solos, available on mobile devices.

Getting started

How you can support the child in your care

  • If possible, read with your child daily; even 15 minutes of reading together each day can make a huge impact. You can read aloud sections of the text together—many middle grade students enjoy performing sections of dialogue by taking on the role of a character in a play, or adding some dramatic flair to a poem with which they are working. If your child struggles with reading aloud, you might try reading the text to them with expression, then having them read it back to you. For additional practice, there are an array of fluency activities in the program’s Flex Days. Ask your child to help you find this activity.
  • Find moments to discuss what they are reading and discovering. Examples of questions you could ask: What stood out to you from what you read today? Were any sentences or words confusing? What was most surprising? What do you think the writer was trying to communicate? Do you agree with the writer’s ideas or descriptions? What connections can you make between what you are reading and your own life or other issues?
  • Listen to your child read their written responses or have them share with a friend over the phone or using the video chatting app of their choice. 
  • Browse the Amplify Library with your child to find independent books they’ll enjoy and be able to read fluently.
  • We recommend reviewing this Protecting Kids Online article by the Federal Trade Commission addressing digital safety.

Downloading texts from the Amplify Library

In the event that your home doesn’t have continuous internet access, we encourage you to download the core texts from the Amplify Library ahead of time. Please follow these steps to download a text:

1. Navigate to the Global Navigation Menu in the top-left corner of your screen (the three horizontal lines). The Global Navigation Menu will then appear with a list of apps. 

2. Find the Amplify Library app and click on it—the Amplify Library will now appear in a new tab.

3. If prompted, follow the directions to set up a pin for the Amplify Library; otherwise, proceed to the next step.

4. In the top-center-right corner of your screen, search for the book you would like to download. Example: The Secret of the Yellow Death: A True Story of Medical Sleuthing.

5. Now find the button that says Download.

6. Click the Download button to make sure you can access this book even when you have no internet access.

To retrieve your downloaded texts: 

  1. In the Amplify Library app, click the My Library drop-down in the top-left corner.
  2. Select Downloaded. 
  3. Choose the text you wish to read from all of your pre-downloaded texts.

Materials overview

Your child can access Amplify ELA’s digital curriculum at home if they’re unable to attend school and have internet access. Their teacher will provide login information. 

For student support in navigating the digital platform, see the Digital navigation guide for students.

Not every school will operate the same way, but students attending schools that have both the print and digital editions of the program will likely have the following print materials at home. In this case, students without access to devices or the internet can continue to complete key reading and writing assignments using the print Student Editions and student Writing Journals. 

  • Student Edition: Includes all of the readings and activities necessary for instruction throughout the year. Students can read the selections both digitally and in print throughout the year, annotating in either format. The lessons in the print Student Edition reflect each digital lesson, but have been modified to work effectively in print. 
  • Writing Journals: Where students respond to Writing Prompts and complete other written assignments. 

Teachers can also access, print, and mail student Novel Guides for up to 12 commonly taught novels. Six of these novels are available in the Amplify Library, and most should be available in a public library. 

Unit overviews

Below are quick overviews of each unit your student will be working through in the grade throughout the year. Next to each unit is a downloadable guide with a more in-depth look at what content is covered and how you can help them advance their understanding of the topics.

  • Grade 6 units

  • Grade 7 Units

  • Grade 8 Units

Additional activities

  • Quests. You may notice your student working with peers on the same interactive project over several days, trying to solve a mystery or explain a historical event. That’s what happens if a teacher assigns a Quest: an in-depth week-long exploration that requires collaboration and deepens engagement with texts and topics.
  • Vocab App. The Vocab App helps students master vocabulary words through game-like activities that challenge students to think through morphology, analogy, and synonyms/antonyms, and to decipher meaning through context.

Where to go for help

Whether you have questions about your students’ technology or want to know more about the program, Amplify’s support team is here to help!

Contact Support via telephone at (833) 97-Care-8 (833-972-2738) or caregiver@amplify.com.

Our support hours are Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. ET.