Amplify ELA for NYC

Welcome to Amplify ELA, a teaching and learning experience that is truly worthy of New York City’s educators, students, and their families. This is a curriculum that meets students where they are, in terms of diverse representation, cultural connection, skill strengths and needs, and evolving interests. Amplify ELA asks students and teachers to bring themselves to every lesson, not through bells and whistles, but through text. Every aspect of the instructional platform and print resources is designed to make the text accessible to all students, across genres, levels of complexity, linguistic demands, and thematic sophistication. And, no program is better suited to the generation of students who will experience the deep shifts now being made in New York City’s K-5 reading and language arts instruction. 

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Review and Explore Amplify ELA 6-8

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Amplify ELA in Action

Amplify ELA provides everything you need to deliver a full year’s worth of high-quality instruction.

Each grade level includes six multimedia units, which feature a blend of complex literary texts and primary source documents. Amplify ELA also provides immersive learning experiences called Quests, a dedicated story writing unit, access to the Amplify digital library, and flexible instructional units on grammar, poetry, and novel studies.

Looking for a more flexible version of the curriculum? Check out our abridged lesson pathways ensure full coverage of the standards in just 100 days.


Built on the Science of Engagement

Watching students mature into adolescents: inspiring. Knowing how to engage and motivate their changing brains: science.

The middle school years are marked by a period of tremendous growth and change – physically, emotionally, and socially. Amplify ELA understands and embraces these changes, and delivers instruction specifically designed to tap into adolescents’ natural inclinations toward collaboration, exploration, and autonomy.


Differentiation with the click of a button

Cutting-edge tools that provide students with the individualized support they deserve.

With six distinct levels of differentiation, every student is supported or challenged in a way that meets their unique needs. This includes ELLs at the Developing, Expanding, and Bridging levels as well as students needing substantial support or an extra challenge.

More differentiation tools in Amplify ELA

  • Differentiated writing prompts
  • Personalized Vocabulary App
  • Teacher insights on individual students
  • Personalized solo work for class or to take home
Multiple overlapping open documents on a computer screen, featuring text editing interfaces with prompts for feedback and responses.

Robust System of Assessment

In Amplify ELA, all units include a robust system of embedded assessment that provides teachers with actionable student performance data long before end-of-unit or benchmark exams. The Embedded Assessment Measure (EAM) reports allow teachers to easily track and interpret student performance without ever interrupting the flow of daily instruction to test students.

Clear and actionable student performance data

With intelligent feedback tools and embedded assessments, Amplify ELA makes it easy to monitor student progress and intervene where needed—no matter where teaching and learning is taking place.

Automated Writing Assessment
Amplify’s Automated Writing Evaluation assesses student writing for Focus, Use of Evidence, and Conventions, providing critical feedback for teachers and data for Amplify’s writing reports.

Amplify ELA Reporting provides teachers with clear data to understand patterns of student performance and deliver scaffolds and supports as students need them.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Amplify ELA

Amplify ELA believes that equitable instruction is vital to an effective middle school curriculum.

Amplify ELA is committed to the following:

  • Providing all students with equitable opportunities to achieve academic success
  • Texts and tasks designed to be relevant to culturally diverse classrooms
  • Students’ voices and ideas placed at the center of learning
  • Exploration of issues related to DEI and social justice
  • Engaging student’s with the topics of fairness, respect, and responsibility to develop their critical thinking and collaboration skills

Amplify ELA curriculum supports teachers to set strong expectations for every student while providing access to the support they need to meet students where they are.

Diverse group of middle school students engaging with laptops and discussing in a classroom setting.

What Sets Amplify ELA Apart?

  1. Flexible blended program built for New York City classrooms
  2. Next level engagement and differentiation through immersive multimedia resources
  3. AI powered automated evaluations and embedded assessments, means more time teaching less time grading