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Amplify’s tutoring program provides Texas tutors with high-quality, tutor-friendly instructional materials for students in K–5.


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What is Amplify Tutoring?

Amplify Tutoring provides ESSA aligned, high-impact tutoring programs to complement the efforts of K–6 students, educators, and families in building reading proficiency and confidence.

Anchored in mCLASS TX Edition and mCLASS Intervention, these tutoring materials complement the Amplify materials that educators currently use and trust through the Texas Home Learning (THL) initiative to instruct hundreds of thousands of students across the state of Texas. Amplify Tutoring provides classroom teachers and tutors access to the same student data, including visibility into all tutoring lessons.

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Tutors are able to use the mCLASS Intervention curricula to seamlessly support either in-person or remote tutoring. All materials are adaptive and data-driven, based on initial data collected by teachers or tutors in mCLASS TX Edition and progress monitoring administered by tutors to individualize student supports. Amplify’s tutoring program provides Texas tutors with complimentary, high-quality, comprehensive professional development. Tutors are trained in pedagogical best practices, engagement strategies to build strong relationships with students, and using Amplify Tutoring materials to support student growth.

Learn more about mCLASS Intervention
Student and educator participating in high impact tutoring programs and reviewing reading competency materials

What's included in Amplify Texas Tutoring?

Amplify Texas Tutoring offers an opportunity for students to participate in engaging and adaptive lessons with tutors while accelerating their proficiency in foundational literacy skills.

Data driven and high-quality instructional materials (HQIM)

Amplify Texas Tutoring seamlessly extends teachers’ reach by leveraging the tools and resources currently available to Texas teachers. Tutors will use Amplify’s research-backed mCLASS Intervention to deliver reading intervention to students most in need of support. mCLASS Intervention will group students of similar skill levels and provide tailored lesson sequences using data from mCLASS Texas Edition, the gold standard literacy system designed for Texas, which will be available for all K-5 students in Amplify Tutoring. mCLASS Intervention lessons are: 

  • Grounded in data
  • Tutor friendly and easy to follow
  • Include progress monitoring cycles with mCLASS TX Edition 

Comprehensive and ongoing training

To ensure the highest quality instructional implementation, Amplify’s professional development is designed to support all tutors in becoming well-trained and effective tutors who support small groups of students in order to (a) build early literacy skills, (b) build strong relationships, and (c) build students’ confidence in reading.

  1. Amplify Tutoring includes a self-paced, asynchronous training course that can be easily accessed by tutors at any time. 
  2. Aligned to the principles of high-impact tutoring, this comprehensive training course provides tutors with up to 30 hours of training in order to be confident and well-prepared. Training time will vary depending on familiarity with Amplify’s tutoring products.
  3. Tutors will be able to participate in a live 3-hour capstone session delivered by ESCs to cement learnings from the initial course. This professional development will provide opportunities for peer practice, collaboration, and clarification before beginning tutoring. 
  4. Ongoing office hours are available to tutors and school and LEA leads throughout the year to answer any questions.
  5. Teachers and school leaders will also have access to recorded professional development webinars for an overview of Amplify Tutoring, best practices for setting up tutoring at their school or district, and support to create homogeneous student small groups based on mCLASS data.

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