Amplify Texas Home Learning Solution for Language Arts and Reading

Built on the science of teaching reading, your TEKS-aligned Texas language arts and reading solution for core curriculum combines systematic teacher-led phonics instruction and knowledge-building content within and across grade levels. The student-driven, adaptive supplemental program will provide meaningful engagement and instruction that your learners will love to use.

K–5 ELAR and SLAR core solution


Texas Elementary Literacy Program Brochure

Your solution for a TEKS-designed language arts and reading resource combines systematic foundational skills with content knowledge. This core program integrates an explicit multisensory approach to phonics, with rich text carefully sequenced to build content knowledge so that students are simultaneously learning to read and reading to learn.

Amplify’s SLAR resources will support teachers in multiple teaching models. Whether in a transitional or one- or two-way dual-language immersion classroom, teachers will be supported with Teacher Guides providing suggestions for a variety of learning scenarios. Just as students are diverse in their background and cultural knowledge and literacy needs, the text they encounter will build diverse content knowledge. Teachers will have the appropriate instructional aids to develop students’ comprehension and appreciation of the text.

Built to support remote learning

  • Recordings of all read-alouds in Spanish and English
  • Digital assessments available in QTI format
  • Digital workbooks available as fillable PDFs in Spanish and English
  • Integration with major LMS products
  • Caregiver supports in Spanish and English 
  • Exit Tickets in Spanish and English

Sample resources

Along with the TEKS-aligned sample resources below, other materials to support your instruction in both the ELAR and SLAR classrooms will include the following:

  • Digital projections
  • Image cards
  • Flipbooks
  • Readers for grades 3–5
  • Activity Books
  • Read-aloud videos

Amplify Reading Texas K–2: Supplemental, personalized digital literacy learning program

Leverage the power of a digital literacy program that works with your ELAR core curriculum solution. Amplify Reading Texas is a personalized, student-driven program that teaches critical literacy skills while taking kids on a whimsical reading adventure they will beg you to play. Our cutting-edge, research-based program immerses students in phonological awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies. Amplify Reading Texas will give all core instruction the boost it needs by meeting students where they are across these key early literacy skills.

Professional Learning

Amplify employs a national cohort of 50+ ELA facilitators, all of whom have experience as former classroom teachers and many of whom are former school and/or district leaders. Our professional learning team has decades of experience working with large districts across the nation. Amplify has experience supporting district launches over multiple years and has partnered with districts of all sizes nationwide. We partner deeply with districts and tailor professional learning to their unique needs.

Two teachers using a laptop for professional learning


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