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Amplify CKLA

Using a fundamentally different approach to language arts, Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) is built on decades of early literacy research that demonstrates the importance of wide-ranging background knowledge and explicit and systematic instruction in foundational skills. Amplify CKLA has shown efficacy in Arizona, California, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and many other locations; more and more districts are choosing Amplify CKLA because they know they’ll see results.


Amplify CKLA AZ grade 5 efficacy research report

Amplify CKLA & ESSA research report

Amplify CKLA impact and effectiveness overview

The NYC Core Knowledge Early Literacy Pilot

Research base

Amplify CKLA: The research behind the knowledge-based approach to reading comprehension

The baseball experiment: How two Wisconsin researchers discovered that the comprehension gap is a knowledge gap

CKLA Curriculum: Links to research on teaching and learning

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