Remote & hybrid learning

mCLASS® is an integrated, gold standard literacy system that offers teacher-administered assessment and holistic instruction for grades K–6. The mCLASS comprehensive system includes efficient one-minute measures, a built-in dyslexia screener, teacher-led and student-driven instruction, intervention, and robust reports for teachers and administrators.

Supporting you in any scenario

Whether your school is engaged in in-person, hybrid, or remote instruction, we know how important it is for teachers and administrators to understand every student’s literacy and math development. mCLASS has a collection of resources to help you plan for a variety of scenarios. We’ve got you covered—no matter what you’re anticipating this school year.

How to use mCLASS during remote learning

Planning to assess remotely? No problem. Our guides will help you feel comfortable and confident assessing remotely with all of our mCLASS literacy and math assessments, while mCLASS’s free online measures, at-home learning packets, and family resources ensure you have effective, easy-to-use tools to support students during remote learning.

Remote assessment guidance

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The remote assessment guides provide recommendations and best practices for assessing one-on-one remotely with mCLASS. They cover when to assess, how to assess using a video meeting or call, how to interpret scores this back-to-school season, and how to take the next instructional steps.

Professional development videos

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The mCLASS Training Site on mCLASS Home will include best practices and professional development videos on remote assessment and using data for remote instruction.

At-home packets

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mCLASS Instruction will be aligned to each student, regardless of whether they are ahead of or behind their classmates. For schools using DIBELS® 8th edition, teachers are able to use mCLASS Instruction (based on the latest data available) to download the packet for each child. These activities can be used for at-home learning during periods of extended remote learning or over the summer.

Family resources

mCLASS Home Connect

The mCLASS Home Connect website houses resources for parents and caregivers, including at-home lessons organized by skill to help students at home during remote learning. Our mCLASS parent/caregiver letters in English and Spanish ensure that families know how to best support their child.

Personalized reading with Amplify Reading

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Amplify Reading, our supplemental reading program, leverages your mCLASS data to provide remediation and enrichment. Students can use Amplify Reading on their own at home for engaging instruction and practice in phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension processes, and close reading. Find more information on Amplify Reading here.

How to use mCLASS during hybrid learning

We know that the school year will look different for every district. You may be considering staggered schedules or alternating between remote and in-person days. mCLASS’s resources for hybrid learning ensure that students continue to develop critical foundational skills both in the classroom and at home.

In-person days Remote days
Teacher-administered assessments Remote teacher-administered assessments or student-led online measures
Small-group and individual teacher-led lessons with mCLASS instruction At-home packets for independent practice
Progress-monitoring assessments Home Connect resources with family activities
Amplify Reading Amplify Reading

Frequently asked questions

“What resources should I use on remote days if my students have limited technology access?”
If students have limited or no access to technology during remote learning days, at-home packets and Home Connect resources can be printed in advance and sent home for students to complete during remote learning days.

“What resources should I use for extended remote learning if my students have limited technology access?”
We understand that access to technology is a significant barrier for many of our students. If students have limited or no access to technology during extended periods of remote learning, the mCLASS guides provide alternatives for conducting benchmark assessments, such as assessing by phone. Additionally, at-home learning packets can be printed and sent home for students to continue working on skills.