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Leaders, welcome to Amplify ELA!

Here you’ll find information about enrollment and licensing, materials and shipping logistics, professional learning resources, and more.

Leaders, welcome to Amplify ELA!

Here you’ll find information about enrollment and licensing, materials and shipping logistics, professional learning resources, and more.

Program introduction

Onboarding: What to expect

Welcome to Amplify ELA! To help you know what’s coming next, we created the following visual that outlines the steps of the onboarding process. You can use it as a reference.

Enrollment and licensing

In our Digital Enrollment and Entitlement Guide, we cover:

  • Technical prerequisites for connecting with and using these Amplify products
  • Our supported enrollment methods
  • Next steps, including a timeline for an example implementation scenario

Print materials

If you have purchased the Amplify ELA blended package, each grade level includes the following print materials:

Teacher Kit—one per classroom that includes:

  • 6 Teacher Editions (one per unit)
  • 1 Solo workbook blackline masters
  • 6 Writing Journals (one per unit)
  • 1 Novel
  • Poster set (3 posters)

Student Blended Package—one per student that includes:

  • 1 Student Edition
  • 6 Writing Journals (one per unit)
  • 1 Novel

How many boxes will I receive?

To plan for delivery of print materials and storage space, here’s what to expect:

Teacher Kit—components are provided in one box per classroom.

Student Blended Package—components are shipped in cartons, which include materials for multiple students. The maximum weight for any carton is 35 pounds, though the average weight is 15-20 pounds. The number of cartons depends on the number of students in your order. Packing slips will list the contents of each carton against the whole order.

Technology requirements and guidelines

To ensure that your hardware and network meet the minimum technical requirements for optimal performance and support of your digital curriculum products, please see Amplify’s customer requirements page.

To ensure access to Amplify ELA, add the URLs on this page to the corresponding district or school-level filters.

Professional learning

We work with every district to ensure that the professional learning supporting each Amplify ELA rollout meets each district’s unique needs. Here’s a professional development roadmap that describes the different types of sessions and delivery methods we offer.

An Amplify partnership manager will contact you to schedule your initial professional learning session. If you haven’t heard from your partnership manager or think you may have missed the communication, please contact your Amplify account executive.

Pre-launch checklist for teachers

If your teachers have access to this site, they can find a helpful pre-launch checklist on the page for teachers. If they don’t have access yet, or you want to send a communication about professional learning that includes the checklist, download the following copy.

Join our community

Our Amplify ELA Facebook group is a community of Amplify ELA educators from across the country. It’s a space to share best practices, ideas, and support on everything from implementation to instruction. Join today.

Pedagogical support

Amplify provides support that other publishers do not. We have built a team of former teachers and administrators who provide pedagogical support for every Amplify curriculum, assessment, and intervention program. This service is free for all educators who are using our programs and includes:

  • Guidance for developing lesson plans and intervention plans
  • Information locating standards and other planning materials
  • Support with administering and interpreting assessment data and more
  • Recommendations and tips for day-to-day teaching with Amplify programs

To reach our pedagogical team, use our live chat within your program, call (800) 823-1969, or email

Technical and program support

Our technical and program support is included and available from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday, through a variety of channels, including a live chat program that enables teachers to get immediate help in the middle of the school day.

For your most urgent questions:

  • Use our live chat within your program
  • Call our toll-free number: (800) 823-1969

For less urgent questions: email