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What's included

Boost Reading (formerly Amplify Reading) for K–5 uses captivating storylines to engage students in powerful personalized reading instruction and practice. Whether students are learning to read fluently or sharpening close reading skills, Boost Reading accelerates their growth while freeing educators up to work with small groups or individual students. Explore more of the program here.

Boost Reading is a recipient of Digital Promise’s Research-Based Design and Learner Variability certifications.

Program at a glance

Boost Reading is a research-based, standards-aligned program that supports students along an adaptive path of increasingly complicated texts and literary concepts. Students find games embedded in an engaging narrative world that grows as they do, whether they are learning foundational skills or mastering close reading with our solution for reading comprehension.

Skill games at a glance

Boost Reading gives students explicit instruction in foundational skills and comprehension processes. It features more than 50 mini-games that build skills in phonics, phonological awareness, vocabulary, comprehension processes, and reading comprehension.

  • Phonological awareness games

  • Phonics games

  • Comprehension process games

  • Comprehension games

  • Vocabulary games

Digital components

The program includes resources that give students chances to apply skills they’ve learned and teachers the ability to track student progress across multiple data points.

  • Teacher materials

  • Student materials

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