Amplify Reading in Action

Amplify Reading immerses students in an engaging game world while delivering the skills practice and supports they need to become proficient readers. While students are making progress in the game world and receiving personalized feedback, teachers receive meaningful data to track their growth. 

Amplify Reading in action

Inside the Classroom

Engaging, personalized learning

Using the science behind engagement and motivation, we built Amplify Reading to deliver compelling narrative experiences where progress in the storyline is mapped to reading growth, helping students understand the value of effort and practice.

What teachers and students say about Amplify Reading

“When I’m using Amplify Reading, I feel as if I’m not even reading, I feel as if I’m playing a game. It’s a whole new world,” said one Amplify Reading student. To hear from real teachers and students about their experiences with Amplify Reading, watch the video on the left.


Student motivation

We don’t want students just to learn to read. We want students to love to read. Students using Amplify Reading enter immersive story worlds that evolve as they develop language and decoding skills, having fun while building confidence in their own ability every step of the way.


Personalized instruction

Students embark on personalized journeys that match their profiles to a comprehensive range of skills—from foundational skills to comprehension to close reading. Every decision students make helps Amplify Reading deliver them the right skills at the right time.


Based on the Science of Reading

Amplify Reading is part of Amplify’s greater early literacy ecosystem that provides instruction proven to move the needle on reading growth. Extend and support core instruction using high-quality materials that provide more than just practice. Learn more about our research-based reading curriculum in this video.


Part of the mCLASS® literacy suite

Educators can use data from mCLASS with DIBELS® 8th Edition to place students into the Amplify Reading learning progression in the spot that’s exactly right for their abilities and areas of need, with no additional assessment required.


What teachers say


“I usually don’t like reading a lot but, this was fun and exciting. It was able to teach me more than I already know. I didn’t expect it to be this fun!”

5th grade student


“Amplify Reading has been a great way for me to add differentiation in my classroom. My students love working on it...I also love that I can monitor how they are doing and adjust small group instruction to help them.”

1st grade teacher
Providence Hall Charter School, Utah


“Students enjoy practicing reading and reading skills through this program. It was made with young minds in mind.”

Irma Aldana
2nd grade teacher, Estrella Elementary, California

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