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Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We have answers. Check out the following FAQ.

An illustration from Amplify Fractions

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We have answers. Check out the following FAQ.

Program information 

  • What is Amplify Fractions?

    Amplify Fractions is a digital supplemental program that offers a new approach to fractions through a blend of adaptive learning and interactive storytelling. Using quirky stories, fractions are taught with real-world context, purpose, and humor, with lessons that adapt to individual student need. This fractions teaching tool includes personalized feedback and unlimited practice opportunities to ensure that students are set up for success.

  • How is Amplify Fractions structured and what fractions content is covered?

    Each fractions skill is taught through its own lesson, with accompanying practice. From partitive and quotitive division, all the way back to understanding that a fraction is a single number—if it’s a fractions-related standard, we’ve got a lesson that covers it!

    There are a total of 51 lessons in Amplify Fractions, grouped into three sets:

    Set 1 – Intro to Fractions (aligned to 3rd grade standards)

    Set 2 – Equivalence and Comparison, Adding and Subtracting (aligned primarily to 4th grade standards, with some 3rd and 5th grade standards)

    Set 3 – Multiplying and Dividing (aligned primarily to 5th grade standards, with some 6th grade standards)

  • How is Amplify Fractions different from other digital math programs?

    Unlike most other adaptive math programs, Amplify Fractions seamlessly weaves digital instruction and formative assessment into an immersive story, where fractions are critical to the plot.

    The stories that create the instruction in Amplify Fractions are truly unique. Not only do the stories teach fractions with real-world context and purpose, but they also incorporate humor in way that students love, engaging and motivating them.

    Additionally, Amplify Fractions provides unprecedented personal feedback for students through our “digital tutor”, which is patented technology found only in Amplify Fractions. The “digital tutor” is activated whenever students answer questions incorrectly during a lesson to explain what they need to know get an answer correct and clear up any misconceptions.

    Different students take different pathways through the lessons, pathways that are authored by Amplify’s math team to address key misconceptions and trouble areas. By monitoring aggregate responses, the team regularly generates new pathways and personalized feedback to unblock students. Students can also access unlimited practice opportunities so their skills remain sharp.

    The combination of adaptive technology and pedagogy with creative and purposeful storytelling results in a unique and “super-engaging” experience, giving students a solid grasp of one of math’s most critical concepts, fractions.

  • What is Amplify Fractions' pedagogical approach?

    Amplify Fractions was designed using some of the most foundational and research-based pedagogical strategies. This fractions concept program includes unprecedented personalized feedback for each student and how they’re thinking about the math and story-driven instruction that keeps students engaged and motivated. The scope and sequence covers everything students need to know about fractions, tied to learning progressions of conceptual understanding as well as to standards.

  • What grades can Amplify Fractions be used with?

    Amplify Fractions covers all fractions standards from grades 3-6. The program is designed for instruction, review, and foundation-building in grades 3-5, for review and intervention in grades 6-8, and for anyone else who wants to learn fractions.

  • Is Amplify Fractions aligned to Common Core Standards and other state standards? And if so, how?

    Yes. Amplify Fractions is aligned to the Math Common Core State Standards and many other state standards that deal with equipartitioning, fractions, and operations with fractions.

    Scope and sequence documents for the Common Core State Standards and all states can be found on the program detail page.

  • What is the recommended implementation of Amplify Fractions with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders during the first year and in subsequent years?

    In grades 3-5 (on-grade-level) Amplify Fractions could be used as the core curricular materials as well as a supplement to the core curriculum, whereas for grades 6-8 it’s inherently a supplemental program.

  • How does Amplify Fractions fit in at home?

    Once students have created their username and password and joined a class, they can access the program anywhere with a device and internet access, including at home. Amplify Fractions can be used as homework for a core curriculum, as summer practice or extra practice any time, to reinforce fractions skills.

  • What are the technology requirements for Amplify Fractions?

    Laptops and Desktops

    • Mac: OS 10.10+ with up-to-date Safari or Chrome browsers
    • Windows: OS 7+ with up-to-date Chrome browser


    • 2 GB RAM minimum with up-to-date Chrome browser


Program details 

  • Does Amplify Fractions offer instruction and practice?

    Yes. Instruction is story-driven and highly interactive.

  • How long does it take students to complete a lesson? Once they complete a lesson, can they go through it again?

    A lesson typically takes 10-15 minutes to complete, however, it does vary based on individual student skill levels. Corresponding practice can take as long as a student chooses to participate.

    When entering a lesson that has already been completed, students can review the lesson with their existing responses by clicking “Review Lesson” or re-do the lesson by clicking “Reset Lesson”.

    When a student clicks “Reset Lesson,” they will receive a final warning prompt before their lesson progress is reset. Upon clicking “Reset,” the student will return to the beginning of the lesson.

  • How is personalized feedback delivered in Amplify Fractions?

    When students answer a question incorrectly, personalized feedback is delivered through a “digital tutor,” who speaks to students and writes on their screen. Hints are also available throughout each lesson for students to access, clearing up misconceptions and helping them continue with the lesson.

  • What is the digital tutor?

    Every question in each Amplify Fractions lesson comes with multiple pre-recorded responses that address the most common misconceptions students, authored by the Amplify team and collectively known as the “digital tutor.” This technology is patented, and can only be found in Amplify Fractions.

    The digital tutor can write on students’ screens, make suggestions via audio, and interact with the same manipulatives students use in the lessons. As more students use the program and more aggregate response data is gathered, the digital tutor will get “smarter,” addressing more wrong answers and misconceptions over time.

  • What is practice like in Amplify Fractions?

    Practice acts as a formative assessment, with adaptive sets of problems aligned to each lesson, allowing the program to make proficiency and mastery claims. Each assessment item is aligned to a specific learning outcome, and is mapped to one or more particular standards.

    Each practice delivers a rich variety of question types, and continually switches up these types as well as the learning outcomes they relate to. Once a student demonstrates proficiency with one learning outcome, they move on to subsequently more complex and abstract ones, until a large enough body of evidence is collected across all of the learning outcomes for a practice (i.e., the student has collected at least 70 Proficiency Points for that practice).

  • Wait, what are “Proficiency Points”?

    As students answer more practice questions correctly, proving they are proficient with the various learning outcomes, they collect more Proficiency Points. Students can earn at most 100 Proficiency Points for each practice, while 70 such points suggests the student is indeed proficient and ready to move on the next lesson.

  • Are there progress monitoring reports available for teachers in Amplify Fractions? What information can teachers access regarding their students’ use of Amplify Fractions?

    Yes, there are teacher reports included in Amplify Fractions. Teachers can monitor class and individual student progress and performance within lessons and practice, including reference to related skills and standards.

    The reporting interface makes it is easy to view the progress of entire classes before drilling into data for specific students and problem areas. Our reporting is transparent, offering teachers the precise data on how students are doing in lessons and practice, as well as a complete history of questions they’ve seen and the answers they’ve given in each practice.

Trial and purchase information 

  • Will educators be able to try Amplify Fractions prior to purchase?

    A free trial version of Amplify Fractions is available, so educators can try the program on their own and with their students. If you are interested in a free trial for your school, contact us at

  • How much does Amplify Fractions cost?

    Amplify Fractions is currently offered as a site license. For full details on pricing options or to request a price quote, please contact us at