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Program information 

  • What is Amplify Fractions?

  • How is Amplify Fractions structured and what fractions content is covered?

  • How is Amplify Fractions different from other digital math programs?

  • What is Amplify Fractions' pedagogical approach?

  • What grades can Amplify Fractions be used with?

  • Is Amplify Fractions aligned to Common Core Standards and other state standards? And if so, how?

  • What is the recommended implementation of Amplify Fractions with 3rd, 4th and 5th graders during the first year and in subsequent years?

  • How does Amplify Fractions fit in at home?

  • What are the technology requirements for Amplify Fractions?

Program details 

  • Does Amplify Fractions offer instruction and practice?

  • How long does it take students to complete a lesson? Once they complete a lesson, can they go through it again?

  • How is personalized feedback delivered in Amplify Fractions?

  • What is the digital tutor?

  • What is practice like in Amplify Fractions?

  • Wait, what are “Proficiency Points”?

  • Are there progress monitoring reports available for teachers in Amplify Fractions? What information can teachers access regarding their students’ use of Amplify Fractions?

Trial and purchase information 

  • Will educators be able to try Amplify Fractions prior to purchase?

  • How much does Amplify Fractions cost?