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Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We have answers. Check out the following FAQ.

Frequently asked questions

Still have questions? We have answers. Check out the following FAQ.


  • Does the curriculum have enough lessons for the whole year?

    Each grade includes six core text-based units, two to three immersive Learning Experiences called Quests, and a dedicated Story Writing unit, all of which account for 180 days of instruction.

  • Does the curriculum include fiction and non-fiction texts?

    Carefully selected for their adherence to the CCSS ELA/Literacy, the texts in the Amplify ELA curriculum balance literary and informational text, and include a rich representation of genres: novels, plays, poetry, memoirs, and other full-length texts. This English Language Arts resource will allow students to grow and develop their literacy skills.

  • Are Quests graded?

    Quests are not graded. These week-long narrative lesson plans build on the literacy skills students have been developing in traditional lessons. They also shake up classroom routines and allow students to take the lead—driving engagement and enabling students to explore new ideas.

  • Are the texts complex?

    In Amplify ELA, text selections have been carefully curated to engage students in the study of complex texts at each grade level. Lexile levels are included for each core text. The Amplify ELA program has sequenced core texts, creating a “staircase” of steadily increasing complexity as measured by quantitative measures, qualitative measures, and task consideration.

  • Are the texts diverse and do they include multiple perspectives?

    Amplify’s core middle school ELA lessons expose students to a diverse array of text types, genres, authors, and time periods. By representing a wide range of student interests and perspectives, these texts develop student curiosity while also building skills and content knowledge.

  • Is there an additional cost for the Amplify Library?

    No. Access to all 650+ full length titles in the Amplify Library is included in the student license. Students can download the texts from the library onto their device and access them offline, as well.


  • Does every student need a device?

    Amplify ELA 2nd edition is a blended instructional model and can be used in classrooms with limited access to devices. Teachers can make strategic choices about when their students use devices without compromising learning, while still providing 100% standards coverage.

    Our curriculum offers a hybrid approach to instruction. We have developed a robust digital platform and tools for students to interact with text in unique ways and for teachers to track and support student progress. When students are using our rich print materials, teachers can share those digital experiences through classroom projection.

  • What are the device requirements to use Amplify ELA?

    Amplify ELA is a web-based, device-agnostic program, meaning that it works across any device. PCs, Chromebooks, Macs, and iPads are all compliant.