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Amplify Anywhere: Amplify ELA

Amplify ELA is a blended curriculum designed specifically for grades 6–8 that is perfect for this uncertain time. Students are engaged through dynamic texts, lively discussions, and meaningful digital experiences. We have added new resources to make the program even easier to use in remote and hybrid scenarios.

Amplify Anywhere: Amplify ELA

Amplify ELA is a blended curriculum designed specifically for grades 6–8 that is perfect for this uncertain time. Students are engaged through dynamic texts, lively discussions, and meaningful digital experiences. We have added new resources to make the program even easier to use in remote and hybrid scenarios.

Supporting back to school 2020–2021

Amplify ELA’s blended curriculum already offers fully-aligned digital and print Student and Teacher Editions, allowing teachers and families to support a variety of learning situations—from asynchronous remote to live, in-class teaching—and transition as needed.

Back-to-school instructional recommendations

  • Begin grade-level instruction with Unit A in every grade. 
  • Use the new Remote Learning Planning Guide, introduced below, to implement the modifications that suit your circumstances. 
  • As the school year evolves, consider the 100-Day Instructional Pathway to ensure coverage of all grade-level standards while leaving time for emerging requirements.

New back-to-school features for remote and hybrid learning

  • Amplify ELA Starting Points survey. Students  write a personal response to a text, helping teachers learn more about them as students and individuals. Built on the research behind stereotype threat and culturally-sustaining pedagogy, this resource flows into each grade’s Unit A lessons, which also focus on personal narrative. 
  • Remote Learning Planning Guides. Starting with Unit A and rolling out all year, these guides support a full range of instructional scenarios. The guides: 
    • Include critical modifications for each unit. 
    • Allow teachers working in remote, in-class, and combined scenarios to quickly identify and provide key reading, writing, and assessment activities for students that match the current implementation mode. 
    • Identify activities that work most effectively for situations where a teacher may be able to meet with students virtually.
  • Flexible PD. The new Amplify ELA PD website will include self-guided modules for teachers to reinforce their initial training and/or to fast-track training if needed. The site will include videos, articles, and Amplify’s support chat.
  • Parent/caregiver guidance to support at-home learning. These resources walk caregivers through Amplify ELA and support at-home conversations about what students are reading and doing.  (Teachers can also customize these guides to match their approach.)
  • Videos to support critical moments in asynchronous remote learning. Former middle school teacher and current Amplify curriculum developer Kamilah Simpson provides instruction, guidance and encouragement in these videos.

Blended program that works well in many scenarios

Amplify ELA is designed with robust teacher support for both print-focused and digital instruction. In the digital program, student work is saved to the student’s account, making it easy to move from a classroom to home-based learning at any point in the year.

How to use Amplify ELA during remote instruction with technology access

Digital curriculum: Lessons and instructional materials

Amplify ELA: Grade 6 menu screenshot

All lessons, planning, and instructional materials for teachers can be accessed from any device through the curriculum login. Instructional materials include activity guides, possible responses, point-of-use standards, and tips for facilitating classroom discussion. Teachers can view all student work—both work in progress and completed—and send students feedback and grades. Teachers can easily assign lessons and activities using Google Classroom.

Students also access all lessons digitally, including eReader passages with audio, daily self-guided vocabulary activities, any lesson-related videos or images, and all reading and writing assignments. Teachers can immediately access submitted student work, and students can see teacher feedback and review and revise any submitted assignments in their My Work space. 

Students can access and work in any lesson from any device, including all assigned differentiated supports, accessibility features, and formative assessments. All apps, including the Vocab App, can also be used remotely.

Library and eReader

Amplify Library

The Amplify Library comprises more than 700 classic and contemporary fiction and nonfiction books, covering a wide range of genres, topics, and cultural perspectives. Lexile levels span grades 3–12, supporting students with varied reading abilities. The collection includes classics such as And Then There Were None and The Call of the Wild as well as modern titles including Walk Two Moons and Inside Out & Back Again. Accessibility accommodations include adjustable font size and line spacing. 

Students can access the Amplify Library from any device and download texts for offline reading. The library also includes core ELA texts and student novel guides for select titles, giving students extra support for independent and offline work.

Assign in Google

Amplify ELA: assign in Google screenshot
Teachers can assign lessons or activities in Google Classroom with the click of a button. Students will then see the links to the relevant Amplify ELA activity in their Google Classroom stream.

Administrator reports

Amplify ELA: Admin reports screenshot
One of the hardest things for district administrators providing remote learning is knowing what is happening across their “classrooms.” The new Administrator Reporting dashboard shows admins how their curriculum is being used and how their students are performing on key activities and assessments.

Vocab App

Vocab app
Amplify’s Vocab App uses game-like activities to help students master key Tier 2 words from the unit’s texts. The app adapts to the level of each student, including ELLs. Remote learners with devices have full access to the Vocab App, and others can see key words in the margins of the text in the print Student Editions, and can also use printable practice sheets.

Formative assessments and reports

Amplify ELA: Assessments screenshot
Integrated writing prompts, lesson Exit tickets, and Solos (daily independent reading with auto-scored activities) ensure regular formative assessment of reading and writing. These assessments are auto-scored when students submit their work digitally, and daily teacher reports show progress over time. Amplify’s Embedded Assessment Measure (EAM) also provides a weekly report that guides teachers in assigning additional supports. Solos are available via Amplify’s mobile Solo app and in print.

Classwork and My Work

Amplify ELA: Classwork screenshot
Classwork provides teachers quick access to all student work submitted digitally. Teachers can quickly know who’s done their work, see all auto-scored activity results, provide feedback, and assign grades. Students using the digital program can access and manage all their work, grades, and feedback in My Work, their online portfolio.

How to use Amplify ELA during remote instruction without technology access

Print Teacher Editions, Student Editions, and student Writing Journals

Amplify ELA print materials

The print materials contain the full scope and sequence of the Amplify core lessons for grades 6–8 for both teachers and students, allowing the class to transition between print and digital formats as needed. The print Teacher Edition includes activity guides, point-of-use standards, and differentiation guidance, and clearly identifies digital assets from the platform that can be incorporated into print-based lessons. The print Student Edition contains all lesson texts, images, and instructions—tracking with each digital lesson but optimized for print. Students complete key writing assignments in the student Writing Journals that accompany each unit. Students without access to devices can complete key reading and writing assignments using the print Student Editions, Writing Journals, and print Solo workbooks. Additionally, teachers can access, print, and mail student novel guides for up to 12 most commonly taught novels from the Amplify Library. Students can also access many of these novels via the public library.

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