Amplify professional development

When you grow, your students grow.  Whether you are implementing our programs for the first time or strengthening instructional practices based on your school’s data, our goal is to support your professional growth and help all students succeed.

Professional development overview

Amplify offers a wide range of professional development offerings that are designed to meet the unique needs of teachers and instructional leaders across different stages of learning:


Launch sessions introduce you to your Amplify program and support you in a strong implementation. After learning about the programs’s foundational principles and key features, you’ll practice administering the program within a collaborative environment.


Strengthening sessions deepen your understanding of the program and how to move your students to the next level. Session offerings can include, but are not limited to, a focus on data analysis, examining student writing, and targeted intervention instruction to effectively address your students’ needs.


Coaching sessions elevate your instructional practice and are targeted toward meeting teachers’ and schools’ specific needs. You’ll receive in-the-moment feedback and engage in collaborative planning. Choose from a menu of popular topics geared toward teachers and/or instructional leaders that may include, but is not limited to, lesson modeling by an Amplify facilitator, classroom observations, or grade-level planning. Coaching sessions are also flexibly designed and allow you to customize your time with an Amplify facilitator.

Flexible delivery options

We know that every school and district is different. We offer flexible delivery options in order to best partner with you and meet your learning needs:

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Onsite support

Onsite sessions are delivered onsite by a live Amplify facilitator at the customer’s preferred location and support up to 30 participants.

Remote support

Remote sessions are delivered remotely by a live Amplify facilitator and support up to 30 participants.

Online course

Online courses are taken by the participant at their own pace and are completed independently.

Our experts

We are educators supporting educators. Every member of Amplify’s national team of highly experienced and qualified facilitators is a former educator with years of hands-on classroom and/or administrative experience. Our facilitators are passionate about supporting educators in implementing their Amplify program to create transformational change for all students. Prior to delivering sessions, our facilitators take the time to understand your needs and address any anticipated challenges in order to deliver professional development to the highest degrees of excellence.

Sarah Cloos

CKLA professional learning specialist

“I love working for a company that has created an atmosphere of support and collaboration and shows sincere excitement for supporting educators. Finding Amplify was like finding the ‘golden ticket!’”

—Sarah Cloos, Waxhaw, NC

La'Shondra Johnson

MS ELA professional learning specialist

“I love working for a company that puts educators and students first! Everyone is so welcoming and supportive of employees, teachers and students. I also love working with a program I actually believe in, and knowing that if I were still in the classroom I would love to have Amplify!”

—La’Shondra Johnson, Miami, FL

Anita Wilson

Amplify Reading professional learning specialist

“I love that Amplify’s programs promote a growth mindset in students! Students are often aware of when they are not the strongest readers and this can decrease confidence and interest in reading. In Amplify Reading, for example, students work in game worlds with graphics that align with their peers while working on personalized learning tasks!”

—Anita Wilson, Charlotte, NC

Grace Rupe

Science professional learning specialist

“I love being able to support teachers across the country to develop scientists in their classrooms, all the way from kindergarten to eighth grade! Teachers have so much on their plates, and I get to take the time to help them feel supported and excited about science instruction.”

—Grace Rupe, New London, CT

Diana Garza

mCLASS professional learning specialist

“I love my job at Amplify because our priorities have always been unwavering—to support students’ success and provide teachers with the tools to help children achieve their goals.”

—Diana Garza, San Antonio, TX

Lopa Shah

Intervention professional learning specialist

“Amplify is a company that always moves forward based on the latest research, input from educators, and the most up-to-date educational strategies. The best part of training educators on behalf of Amplify is that I can stand behind the programs, as I would use them in my own classroom!”

—Lopa Shah, Chicago, IL