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Amplify Science case study: See how students in Yukon, OK are making progress mastering science content

“The program is problem-driven, it’s phenomena-driven. We want to challenge our students to think, read, and write in science class. Amplify Science helps us package it all together.”—Jeramey Tamez, Science Coordinator for Yukon Public Schools

Yukon Public Schools (YPS) began as Yukon public school: a one-room schoolhouse that opened its doors in 1891. Today, YPS serves more than 8,800 students and employs more than 1,200 full-time and part-time staff and faculty members.


The challenge

Though YPS had replaced its textbooks since the Gold Rush, 2017 brought a search for a new science program. Jeramey Tamez, science coordinator for Yukon Public Schools, says the district made a hefty investment in Chromebooks, but didn’t have a science curriculum that would put the technology to good use, or meet the state’s rigorous new science standards.

A new approach to science instruction

Amplify Science was built from the ground up for the Next Generation Science Standards by the curriculum experts at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science. YPS felt the program would meet the Oklahoma Academic Standards—and make good on their investment in technology. Yukon began a phased rollout of Amplify Science with grade 8 during the 2018–2019 school year. They will be adding grade 7 next year. This past year, Yukon had more than 650 students engaged with the program. Tamez reports that teachers can see the significant gains students are making in science and that students are also highly engaged. Data from unit assessments within the program also show that students are making strong progress in mastering critical science content.

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