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Planning for COVID-19 and resources for remote learning

Dear educator,

The new coronavirus (COVID-19) is on all of our minds.  Many districts and schools have started planning for instruction continuity in the event of closure; a few schools in our network have already closed for a few days and, in some cases, a few weeks.  To that end, we want to let you know what we at Amplify are doing to ensure your educational mission can continue.


We will be ready to help
We are working hard to ensure that all aspects of our business will continue to operate smoothly during this time. Our digital platforms are cloud-based and designed with back-ups and precautions to minimize disruptions and keep the focus on teaching and learning. For physical materials, we are working with our current supply and distribution partners to ensure services are maintained, and we have multiple suppliers and distribution centers that serve as back-up channels should we need them. Finally, Amplify is happy to reschedule in-person training events if necessary, and we also have measures in place to continue providing professional development sessions remotely.

Resources to help you prepare for (and implement) remote learning
In response to a growing number of schools and districts planning for potential closure (or closing) over the past week, Amplify has created guidance for using our programs remotely. Please visit to view instructional options for each program. We are working to get you more materials as quickly as possible, and we plan to update this site regularly and to let you know when we add new resources.  We will have guidance for teachers and for parents/guardians.

We recognize that equity of access will be a primary concern for many schools and districts, so we are committed to learning how best to serve all children in all home environments.  No one has easy answers for how to bridge the gaps in home learning environments, but we will keep developing options and keep learning what works best.

We are here to help
We are thinking of all of our school and district partners during this stressful time, and we are here to help you get through it. Our customer support team is equipped to respond to chats, emails, and phone calls. For questions and concerns related specifically to COVID-19, contact us at or via telephone at 1-844-589-4651.

We thank you for your ongoing partnership as we work to keep educating our students.

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