Learning to Read: A Primer | Part One

Falling behind on learning to read can mean falling behind on your future. That’s why we founded the Center for Early Reading. We work with experts to understand how students learn to read and what practices drive reading success. We believe that with effective reading instruction, everyone in the United States can learn to read at a college level. How do we get there? Take a look at our Learning to Read guide—and its brand-new part two—to understand how decoding and comprehension really work—and how we can help all our students fulfill their reading promise.

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About Amplify CKLA:

Using a fundamentally different approach to language arts, Amplify CKLA sequences deep content knowledge with research-based foundational skills. It features a systematic approach to developing decoding and other critical foundational reading skills, and builds vocabulary and comprehension by developing carefully sequenced cross-curricular background knowledge in social studies, science, literature and the arts. Amplify CKLA inspires curiosity and drives results, empowering all students with rich background knowledge.

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