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Amplify CKLA’s new Multimedia Resources

Just in time for the 2019–20 school year, Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) is introducing Multimedia Resources— a free set of digital tools included with Amplify CKLA 2nd Edition on the teacher resource website. These resources include Sound Library, Knowledge Builders, audiobooks, and e-books. For an in-depth look at these resources, read on! Current Amplify CKLA 2nd Edition customers can find more Multimedia Resources information here, while those curious about our program can learn more about Amplify CKLA here.



Sound Library:

Bring skill lessons to life with audio sounds, catchy songs, and animated articulation videos!
Audio: Audio files features proper pronunciation of every phoneme.
Video: Sound videos demonstrate letter formation, pronunciation, and articulation. They combine modeling, repetition, guided practice, and engaging animation.
Songs: Sound songs are fun songs for each phoneme that teachers can incorporate into activities to provide engaging opportunities for students to learn while they listen.

Knowledge Builders:

Watch students build background knowledge as they interact with Amplify CKLA content like never before! Knowledge Builders are grade-specific animated videos for each Amplify CKLA knowledge domain. They are designed to deepen engagement and further develop background knowledge.


Use Amplify CKLA audiobooks to help students read independently, access grade-level content, and develop a love of reading! Audiobooks are now available for every Amplify CKLA Student Reader (K–5), and each is read by a professional narrator. Audiobooks can be used as individual reading support or to introduce students to new and more challenging text.


Use Amplify CKLA’s interactive e-books to enrich the student reading experience! E-books are now available for every Amplify CKLA Student Reader (K–5). The e-books can be projected onto an interactive whiteboard during whole-group lessons, or used in small-group settings and partner-read activities. These e-books are compatible with all classroom technology: laptops, tablets, interactive whiteboards, and desktops.

About Amplify CKLA:

Using a fundamentally different approach to language arts, Amplify CKLA sequences deep content knowledge with research-based foundational skills. Amplify CKLA inspires curiosity and drives results, empowering all students with rich background knowledge.

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