Webinar: Weaving Literacy Instruction Into the Science Classroom to Accelerate Learning

Accelerating learning describes how we’re supporting students to make progress towards grade-level learning goals. Typical approaches focus more on practicing skills rather than building knowledge – even though students’ prior knowledge is the primary driver of how well they can comprehend grade-level content.

With that in mind:

-How can literacy instruction be woven into science instruction in a way that supports accelerated learning and attends to all aspects of students’ learning journeys?

-What is the role that professional learning plays in supporting educators to be able to use instructional materials effectively to do this?

Please join Amplify Chief Academic Officer Susan Lambert from 5-6 p.m. ET on Tuesday, May 17 as she hosts Knowledge Gap author Natalie Wexler and Rebecca Abbott of UC Berkeley’s Lawrence of Science to tackle those questions.

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Online May 17