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K-8 Science symposium: A deep dive into NGSS and phenomenon-based instruction

This free, full-day professional learning event hosted by Amplify Science brings educational leadership teams together to engage in professional learning with science education experts from the Lawrence Hall of Science. Participants will engage in interactive sessions and collaborate with colleagues as they explore what it means to lead the shifts to phenomenon-based teaching and learning as called for by the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Educators with varying levels of experience with the NGSS and Amplify Science are encouraged to register.

Join us on October 29 from 8:30am – 3:00pm (CDT).

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Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center Michigan State University 219 S Harrison Rd East Lansing, MI October 29
Featured Speaker

Rebecca Abbott Rebecca Abbott is the Professional Learning Lead for The Learning Design Group at the Lawrence Hall of Science. She provides support for teachers and district leaders implementing Learning Design Group approaches and curriculum. She taught for 17 years in the San Francisco Bay Area, including serving as an interdisciplinary instructional coach and early reading intervention teacher in Oakland, CA.

Featured Speaker

Leslie Stenger Leslie has been on the Professional Learning team with the Learning Design Group and with Amplify since 2017, facilitating and designing experiences for teachers and leaders implementing Amplify Science. Before working at LHS, Leslie spent 19 years working in the Berkeley Public Schools as a middle school math and science teacher, a math coach, and a middle school assistant principal.

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