Rochester City School District K-2 Foundational Skills: Explore Amplify CKLA (English) and Caminos (Spanish)

Thank you for visiting Amplify’s Core Knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) and Caminos Lectoescritura website designed exclusively Rochester City School District. We are very excited for you to further explore Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos Lectoescritura and discover more about our proven, foundational skills programs in English and Spanish.  Begin your journey with the Introduction below and explore Amplify CKLA and Caminos Lectoescritura.


We are excited for you to see how Amplify CKLA and Amplify Caminos Lectoescritura provide parallel, high-quality resources in both English and Spanish for all students and multilingual learners! 

Amplify CKLA Skills and Caminos Lectoescritura are entirely built on the latest reading science and provide comprehensive instruction in all foundational reading skills. These programs feature:

  • Phonological awareness, phonics, and word recognition
  • Strong, systematic sound-first instruction to support students in learning to decode
  • Language skills, including conventions, spelling, and grammar
  • Reading comprehension
  • Writing instruction


Program Information & Reviewer Accounts

  • Grades K-2 CKLA and Caminos Lectoescritura Foundational Skills Strand

  • Reviewer Accounts for CKLA and Caminos Lectoescritura for Grades K-2

Key program features

  • Built on the Science of Reading

  • Explicit systematic skills instruction

  • Cutting-edge components

  • Biliteracy Principles

  • Flexible biliteracy pathways

Additional materials to support your review

Explore the resources below to provide additional support for your review.  Note that each of thee resources are all-encompassing for Amplify CKLA and Caminos and contain information on both the skills strand and the knowledge strand for grades K-5.



Resources to support your mCLASS® review

mCLASS, mClass Lectura, and mClass Intervention offer teacher-administered assessment, intervention, and personalized instruction. Explore the resources below to provide additional support for your review.