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Amplify Anywhere Resource Hub

Learn about our continuous learning resources and see how easy it is to use Amplify programs in any scenario you may find yourself next fall. You’ll also find information about CARES funding, how to apply for it, and how to use it to provide your students with flexible, high-quality resources next school year.

Learning continuity with Amplify Anywhere

Amplify Anywhere is a set of continuous learning resources—across our core curriculum, assessment, and supplemental programs—that enable you to provide high-quality instruction to your students no matter what kind of remote or hybrid learning environment you find yourself in during the 2020–2021 school year.


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Literacy resources from Amplify Anywhere

We’ve added new guidance and continuous learning enhancements across our literacy suite. Select the buttons below to learn how our core programs—Amplify CKLA (Pre-K–5 ELA) and Amplify ELA (6–8 ELA)—can support you in delivering high-quality instruction no matter what learning scenario your district has chosen for the fall. Our gold-standard early literacy assessment mCLASS® (with a new online assessment) and digital supplemental program Amplify Reading can also help you quickly identify student needs and catch them up in learning to read.


Amplify CKLA


Amplify ELA

Amplify Reading


Science resources from Amplify Anywhere

Our Amplify Science core curriculum is designed to address the new science standards. Amplify Fractions is our adaptive learning supplemental math program. For fall, we’ve built more guidance and resources into both to help meet the changing needs of schools and districts. Select the buttons below to learn how to use these flexible STEM programs.   


Amplify Science


Amplify Fractions

Free K-8 ELA resources

We know it can be hard to find ELA resources that truly advance learning during this unusual time. To help, we’ve pulled from our PreK–5 ELA program (Amplify CKLA) and our 6–8 ELA program (Amplify ELA) to provide a suite of remote learning experiences that are high-quality, flexible, and totally free.


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CARES Act federal funding for schools & districts

To ensure districts have the financial resources to provide new kinds of remote learning experiences, Amplify is proud to outline its offerings in support of the CARES Act. Click the button below for more information about CARES Act requirements.


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A guide to planning for the year ahead

Back to school demands lots of planning from educators and school leaders. We’re here to help with our new free guide, Back to School 2020 and Beyond. Download the guide for key steps you can take to plan a successful year.


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