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Watch on-demand program and topic-based webinars hosted by the Lawrence Hall of Science

Watch on-demand program and topic-based webinars hosted by the Lawrence Hall of Science

Introducing Amplify Science

In these webinars, senior leaders from the Lawrence Hall of Science provide background on the development of the NGSS-designed Amplify Science, including the philosophy, pedagogy, and research basis.

Amplify Science experts conduct a walkthrough of the phenomena-based program, highlighting the unit structure and key features of Amplify’s science program. The session ends with questions from participants about the program.

What’s so phenomenal about phenomena?

You’ve probably heard about phenomenon-based instruction. Figure out what this actually means and how it’s embodied in an NGSS-designed curriculum.

Embedded and immersive engineering

Join this webinar for a look at how engineering is seamlessly integrated into the Amplify Science curriculum across all grades K–8. The curriculum designers from UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science will offer a window into their cutting-edge approach to Engineering and its connections to the NGSS.

Demystifying “integration”: Cross-disciplinary teaching and learning

The researchers and curriculum developers from UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science will help demystify what it means to teach in an integrated way within a unit and across a full year of Middle School science.

Literacy-rich science instruction in grades K-5

Learn how Amplify Science explicitly focuses on Disciplinary Literacy, the specialized skills involved in reading, writing, and talking about science. Discover the Lawrence Hall of Science’s Do-Talk-Read-Write-Visualize approach and how it encourages deeper student learning in both science and literacy.

Active Reading: Strategies for engaging with complex science texts in grades 6-8

Learn how Amplify Science supports students’ comprehension of science texts through their research-based Active Reading approach. Through Active Reading, students learn to engage independently with text while gaining deeper understanding of both science content and many of the fundamental aspects of twenty-first century literacy competencies that are associated with reading, discussing, and writing about complex texts.

Text and reading supports in Amplify Science

What reading supports exist in Amplify Science? Where is the leveled text? Figure out the answers to these questions and learn more about the Amplify Science approach to literacy in this webinar led by P. David Pearson.

An emeritus faculty member in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California, Berkeley, Mr. Pearson served as Dean from 2001–2010. His current research focuses on literacy history and policy. He also holds an appointment as a Professor of the Graduate School and is the Evelyn Lois Corey Emeritus Chair in Instructional Science.

Access and rigor: three-dimensional science for English learners

What strategies and supports engage English Learners in the authentic practices of science and engineering, and ensure equitable access to deep learning in science? Figure out the answer to this question as you experience an Amplify Science instructional sequence and analyze it through an EL lens.

Lead with phenomena and the 3-dimensions will follow

Explore how instructional sequences designed around real-world problems can lead students to figure out phenomena using the three dimensions of science and engineering. Leaders from UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science will deliver this interactive presentation to showcase an example from the Hall’s research-based pedagogy and curriculum.