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About the program


In every unit of Amplify Science, students take on the roles of scientists and engineers to figure out real-world phenomena. Students actively investigate compelling questions by finding and evaluating evidence, then developing convincing arguments. These engaging roles and phenomena bring science to life in your classroom—read more about them here.




Amplify Science was developed by the science education experts at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science and the digital learning team at Amplify. As the Hall’s first curriculum designed to address the new science standards, Amplify Science reflects state-of-the-art practices in science teaching and learning. Learn more about the Lawrence Hall of Science.

Do, Talk, Read, Write students out-perform their peers in science content knowledge



The program is backed by gold-standard research. Amplify Science is rooted in the Lawrence Hall of Science’s Do, Talk, Read, Write, Visualize model of learning. This research-based approach presents students with multiple modalities through which to explore the curriculum. Read more about our exciting efficacy research.

Engaging instruction

Hands-on learning is an essential part of Amplify Science and is integrated into every unit through hands-on investigations that are critical to achieving the unit’s learning goals. Learn more about these investigations here.

Each Amplify Science unit includes multiple student articles, written specifically for the program by the Lawrence Hall of Science. These informational texts are designed to support students’ understanding of science ideas, practices, and crosscutting concepts, as well as to showcase the work of diverse scientists.



In the Student Investigation Notebooks, students record data and observations, make drawings, and complete writing tasks. Each notebook also includes scaffolding supports for reading and writing activities.



Students have access to a variety of digital tools to enrich their learning throughout the Amplify Science 6–8 program including digital modeling tools, videos, images, and powerful digital simulations for every unit. Learn more about digital simulations in Amplify Science.



Every unit of Amplify Science includes a comprehensive Teacher’s Guide containing lesson plans, differentiation strategies, and other instructional supports and resources at the unit, lesson, and individual activity levels. Begin your review by exploring the digital Teacher’s Guide.




Spending time on science should be about the science. Get there faster with Classroom Slides. Coming in 2020, every lesson in Amplify Science 6–8 will include a downloadable and editable PowerPoint file to help guide teachers and their students through the lesson with engaging, clearly sequenced, and easy-to-follow images, videos, questions, and instructions. Learn more about Classroom Slides.

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